French Recipe: Quiché with Vegetables or Salmon or Bacon or…


Quiché with vegetables:
* Pepper (Green, red…)
* Tomato
* Zucchini
* You can put what you want
Quiché with salmon and spinach:
* Salmon
* Spinach
Quiché with bacon and mushrooms:
* Bacon
* Mushrooms
For each quiche it’s the same thing to do.
In a bowl you mix 2 or 3 eggs (it depends of the size of your mold) with 2 soup spoons of crème fraîche (not too thick) and a bit of grated cheese.
In the mold you put first the ingredients and then the mix.
Then in the oven at 200° max for 20min I would say, you know if it’s ready when the top becomes gilt.
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