Spanish Recipe: Anchovies with red pepper


Boquerones Rebozados
Boquerones Rebozados

I don’t know exactly from where this recipe is, but I learned it from a Spanish guy.
* 1/2 kg fresh anchovies
* 2 red peppers
* 2 gloves of garlic
* Flour
* 2 eggs
* Oil
* Salt
How to:
1. Put the red peppers in a oven tray with 2 table spoons of olive oil and a little bit of salt. Oven them for 25-30 min at 200ºC
2. Remove the peel of the peppers and cut them in strips. Marinade them with garlic in a pan with a very slow heat.
3. Clean the anchovies
4. Coat the anchovies in batter (1st in flour and then in beaten egg)
5. Fry the anchovies
6. Enjoy
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